Re-focusing on Painting and a Name Change

In case you haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been focusing just about all of my energy on my paintings. While I enjoy creating my graphic prints, painting is where my passion lies, and it’s where I’ve decided to focus my art business for a while. The graphic prints will still be available here on the website and on Etsy, so you can still purchase them if you like.

After giving it a lot of thought and consulting with some experienced professional artists, I’ve decided to use my own name, “Julia Taylor”, for my branding moving forward. It makes more sense in the fine art world for folks to connect your art with your personal name, rather than a less personal company name. Even though I love what the name “Wild Blue Dream” stands for, I want to be recognized as an individual artist, not a company.

As you can see, I’ve already changed the logo here on the website to reflect this name change. You can still use the web address to get here, but I’ll probably be adding an additional domain name with my name in it soon. I’ll also be gradually updating my social media profiles to reflect this change.

If you have any questions about this change or my plan moving forward, please don’t hesitate to ask!