Painting a Favorite Local Ski Area – Arapahoe Basin

I’ve been skiing at Arapahoe Basin since I moved to Summit County, Colorado in 2004. I love how incredibly steep it gets, I love the massive views of the Continental Divide, and probably more than anything, I love the friendly locals’ vibe. This mountain feels more like home than any other.

I’ve always loved A-Basin, but recently I started experiencing it in a new way. I’ve been skinning up after the lifts close (and occasionally early in the morning, too). As the days have been getting longer, I’ve been able to start my skin before sunset, and watch in awe as Black Mountain and the East Wall light up with the evening alpenglow.

Usually when I ski I just have my phone for a camera, but a couple weeks ago I decided to haul my DSLR up too. I had tried taking photos in the twilight with my phone, but as you could guess, they didn’t turn out so great. The photos I captured with my DSLR still aren’t perfect (I didn’t bring a tripod), but they are more than sufficient for inspiring some new paintings!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll paint the one that gets the most votes! I’m super pumped to paint a new Arapahoe Basin painting and look forward to hearing which direction you think I should go.

Araphoe Basin art

Arapahoe Basin Alpenglow

Arapahoe Basin after sunset

Arapahoe Basin painting

Arapahoe Basin chairlift at dusk

Arapahoe Basin at twillight

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