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Glacier Peak Commission + Video

Several months ago, a friend asked me to do a painting commission as a surprise gift for her and her husband’s 10th wedding anniversary. She didn’t have anything specific in mind, but she knew she wanted me to paint one of his photos.

Jay travels a lot for work, and has a fun Instagram feed full of photos from all over the world. One of Sarah’s favorites was a photo he took descending into Seattle at sunset, passing by Glacier Peak:


Pretty spectacular, right?

Sarah showed me some other possible photos as well, but we quickly settled on this one since we both felt the colors were so vibrant and inspiring.

A few weeks ago, I finished the piece, and last week it got shipped off to Seattle, just in time for their anniversary. Here’s a time-lapse video of me creating the painting…

…and the finished piece:


Glacier Peak is 24″x36″x1.5″ on a gallery wrapped canvas.

After Sarah gave Jay the painting, she said: “It is PERFECT and it was so much fun to see Jay’s surprise!” And Jay chimed in: “Girl. Wow. THANK YOU. It is amazing and it is going to be something we enjoy for a long time.”

I love painting other people’s travels and adventures. There’s just something so special about recreating their photos and experiences in paint. Especially when it is a surprise for a client’s loved one!

Have you been thinking about a painting commission? The holidays may seem far off, but now is the time to get started for holiday gifts since commissions can take several weeks. Oil paint needs to be touch-dry before it can ship, so that adds 2-3 weeks of time to the total process.

Check out my commissions page, or contact me to talk about your ideas!

Painting Time Lapse Video: Bluebird Glade

I just love tree skiing…especially on a gorgeous, bluebird day! The next painting in my skiing series celebrates these beautiful, blissful days spent floating through the woods. It’s titled “Bluebird Glade”.

My first painting time-lapse video was so popular, I decided to do another one of me painting this particular piece. Check it out!

This painting is currently drying in my studio and will be available for sale on my website soon! It’s 24″x24″x1.5″, oil on canvas. Give me a shout of you’re interested or have questions!

Time Lapse Video of Me Painting “Plentiful Powder”

Yesterday and today I painted a new ski painting, titled “Plentiful Powder”. Painting and skiing powder are two of my most favorite things…so why not combine them?

I took a time lapse video of the painting process, from starting with the underpainting to putting on the finishing touches (flying snow!).

Who’s ready for some powder skiing now?!

Please excuse the couple short sections of blurriness; I’m new at making videos, so I apologize!

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